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Dharma Master Hsin Tao was born in Burma in 1948 and knew hardship from an early age, losing both parents at the age of four. Having no chance of schooling, Master Hsin Tao was tricked into joining a guerilla army when he was nine years old. Retreating with the army to Taiwan, Master Hsin Tao began his studies at military schools.

At the age of 15 he heard the story of Bodhisattva Kuanyin and knew at once that he had found a friend. From that moment, Master Hsin Tao made a vow to spend his life following the spiritual example of Bodhisattva Kuanyin. At the age of 25 he was tonsured as a monk.

The method of spiritual cultivation chosen by Master Hsin Tao was ascetic hardship and solitary living. Over the following years he would sit in meditation for 18 hours a day, eating only one meal, and reading sutras. At other times Master Hsin Tao would engage in long fasts. In 1983 he started a two year fasting retreat in a cave where his monastery is now located.

In 1989, at the age of 41, Master Hsin Tao reentered society and established the Ling Jiou Mountain Cultural Foundation. Since then Master Hsin Tao has traveled extensively, founded a monastery in Taiwan, and more recently the acclaimed Museum of World Religions that opened in Taiwan in November 2001 and Global Family for Love and Peace that was established in 2002.