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The Global Peace Leadership Program is a deep-level spiritual training to inspire visionary young adults who aspire to become engaged leaders in the promotion of a culture of peace. The world-renowned spiritual leader Dharma Master Hsin Tao will be joined by other leaders of diverse disciplines to provide practical training and leadership skills to 60 program fellows. The fellows will be selected for their demonstrated leadership qualities through their work in local communities and in areas of conflict. All participants will develop special projects to coincide with Week of Dialogue encompassing young adult peace education.

Conducted in English and Mandarin, the Global Peace Leadership Program consists of four sequential training modules, each module to be completed in two weeks:  1) The Power of Change: Develop the necessary skills to identify interventions required for change and integrate ways to foster the courage to overcome the fear of change; 2) The Power of Now: Learning meditation techniques from the world’s greatest teachers to experience deep-level inner peace to heighten one’s awareness, tap innate creativity and gain clarity; 3) The Power of Impact: Applying peace leadership training for specific projects represented by the participants, focusing on the “how” and what actions to take to enhance desired outcomes; 4) The Power of One: Integrating all learning and experiences from previous modules to accelerate each participant’s presence as a global leader for the culture of peace.